Manas Foundation was setup to create accessibility to preventive, promotive and positive, mental healthcare. Founded in 2000 by a group of Mental Health professionals, we have transformed our fundamental clinical practice into a multi-faceted program. We build awareness and provide mental healthcare in de-institutionalized settings by implementing interventions to explain the linkage between mental and physical health, and de-stigmatize mental healthcare. We also address frequently unidentified and ignored mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, gender-based violence, and abuse.

 We are creating accessibility to mental healthcare for the resource-poor communities, largely focusing on children and women. Through our Mental Health Plug-Ins programme, we extend mental healthcare to women and children have undergone sexual, emotional, and physical abuse and violence, or trafficked for labor and sex work. Manas is also developing a task force of paraprofessionals to support the demand for mental healthcare by building capabilities of front line workers including health workers, social workers, students, parents and teachers.

Manas Foundation is also creating safer spaces for women in public transport using the principles of psychology for behavior change.


Manas has brought multiple policy changes in the areas of mental healthcare and gender justice. Manas Foundation has impacted over 150,000 beneficiaries through its coalition with 25 CSOs. 


 To ensure mental healthcare is available to everyone so that diverse communities and individuals lead psychologically healthy lives.


  We all have mental health needs. At Manas, we strive to mainstream mental health through research -based therapeutic interventions and through creating awareness to  enable diverse communities and individuals to live psychologically healthy lives. 

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