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Growing Up & Lifeskills Workshops @ Sanskriti School
It’s time to “GROW UP”

In keeping with our mission of providing proactive, preventive and positive mental health, the month of October saw Manas Foundation undertake an interesting initiative in collaboration with Sanskriti School, Delhi. 

Adolescence happens to be a time for a whole lot of transitions. Change definitely is the only constant when one looks at the psychological and physical transformations teenagers go through. Since it happens to be developmentally a sensitive period with a unique set of problems, thus the Manas Psychologists put together a comprehensive interactive workshop to address the issues faced by the students. 

Our workshops targeted classes from 6th to 10th grade and aimed to successfully assist the children in understanding themselves, their bodies, and the psychological and physical markers while growing up. The workshop also sensitized children to understand sexual abuse and helped them build strategies to deal with the same. The same was duly appreciated by the students as they shared that no one usually discusses these matters with them and that by being aware and alert they would be able to be more careful about their own safety.

The workshop transformed the classroom into a therapeutic space where honest discussions brought to light the anxieties and challenges faced by the teenagers in their daily living. Confusions were addressed by trained Psychologists which helped to bring some relief to the worrying children.  Growing up was sensitively de- mystified and de- stigmatized helping the children to realize how natural it was to go through the present mixed emotions. It was particularly heartwarming to have children walk up to us after the workshop to discuss their secrets and seek assistance and guidance to resolve their problems. Different life-skills like assertiveness, responsibility, effective communication, critical decision making and healthy relationship management were also included  to enable the children in not just understanding the concept behind the psycho-social changes they experience but also how to deal with them effectively!

Overall the workshop module was successful in connecting with the lives of the children, helping them de mystify growing up and imparting successful life skills to deal with challenges faced by them. 

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