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Urban India has witnessed some astounding changes in the last two decades, with Globalization, liberalization and consumerism bringing about many changes in the environmental and even the psycho social landscape that we previously inhabited. Technology with all its benefits has also transformed the work requirements which significantly impact the physical and psychological health of the employees. This in turn has a negative impact on the overall productivity of the organization itself.

The individual employee finds himself right in the middle of overwhelming change and thus it has become significant to prevent and deal with workplace stressors.   To address this need Manas Foundation has recently partnered with likeminded organizations to provide the employees of HCL access to mental health services within their premises. Along with individual counseling we also are involved in designing and delivering   sensitization webinars and interactive workshops to learn how to strike an effective work life balance. 

This initiative is in line with our belief that mental health services need to plugged in existing institutions for effective outcome rather than creating isolated structures like hospitals and clinics. Our therapeutic work with the employees has convinced us of the dire need to replicate the same model in other corporations as well. We appreciate the sensitivity and eagerness that HCL has shown to incorporate these vital services for the wellness of their staff. 

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