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Counseling Services @ Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University
Youth Connect:  Manas provides counseling services to the students of Jesus and Mary College Since January 9 2013, Manas Foundation has been providing positive, preventive and proactive mental health services to the students of Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi. Through 2 visits a week, and a comfortable space to carry out psychological work, we have been actively involved with the students in campus.

Manas foundation has supplied mental health services but also believes in creating a demand for the same. With the existing stigma and shame associated with counselling services, it was felt that there is a need to firstly, achieve a realization that mental health is not only for the ill but needs exist within us all.

For the same, each day, the psychologist spent an hour visiting different departments of the college, as well as speaking with students in the canteen and the field regarding the need for and availability of mental health services. This helped create not only visibility of the services but also allowed for the realization of need for the same.

Group work was also done with the students on issues of stress, career and self-concept. The advantage of the group work also lies in the group members walking up to the counsellor for individual sessions afterwards.

The period of association with Jesus and Mary College has been a positive experience. The student population in today’s age is seen to be extremely vulnerable to the existing stressors and pressures in the environment, and a constant hand held support is deemed to be necessary.

Our initial months in JMC have proved to be successful; however, mental health needs a long standing platform of service providing. 

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