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Workshop on Effective Parenting


On 22nd Feb 2013 as part of the “Growing Up” workshop series with Sanskriti School, Manas Foundation conducted a Parent’s workshop to bring to light our insights during the previously conducted workshops with the children. This module is unique as it involves the entire system – Parents, children and teachers to demystify the Psycho – social world inhabited by the teens.

Through the workshop, we presented the data and data analysis collated by Manas during the “Growing up” workshops previously conducted with the students from 6th grade to 10th grade. Along with our observations we also discussed management strategies and further recommendations to help look for constructive, positive solutions for the various roadblocks perceived by the students.

We at Manas believe that effective change can only be brought about by awareness, dialogue and a problem solving approach. This sensitization workshop thus served the purpose to normalize and dispel myths regarding growing up, and impart life skills such as conflict resolution, communication patterns, assertiveness training etc. to make the process smoother.

Overall the workshop was extremely successful in achieving its aim and facilitating an open dialogue about effective parenting strategies to suit the needs of the children growing in a fast paced and constantly transforming world of today. 

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