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Summer Camp @ Lajpat Nagar Home for Boys
Ullaas: Summer Camp at Children Home for Boys for Lajpat Nagar

Manas Foundation supported by Ford Foundation and in partnership with the WCD has been running a robust mental health unit in Children home for boys, Lajpat Nagar. The boys at the shelter home through therapy and group sessions have developed keen interest in performing arts. They often voice their wish to learn extra co - curricular activities and hope to be trained in various performing arts like dance, music and theatre. As Psychologists we understand the importance of such extra co-curricular activities in personality development of the child. We also wish to help the children find hobbies and passion that would act as protective factors against mental health concerns in adolescents. To expose them to performing arts we conceptualized and organized a summer camp for the children in the month of June. The summer camp saw 47 children participating in three different activities with expert trainers on dance, music and theater. The summer camp was conducted regularly during the summer holidays and culminated in a grand event that saw the children perform the skills that they learned during the workshop.

Such initiatives are observed to fuel motivation, passion and positive behavior in the children coming from social and economically disadvantaged backgrounds and Manas hopes to make them a part of its various interventions in a consistent and long term manner

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