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Dance Therapy Workshop with People with Mental illness
Dance therapy is one of the creative arts therapies that help people to express themselves and feel good about themselves using creative movement and dance in a safe, non-judgmental nurturing therapeutic environment.

It is founded on the principle that a vital connection exists between personality and the way in which one moves, and that changes in movement can affect the emotional, intellectual, and physical health of the individual. 

Manas Foundation partnered with Tripura Kashyap ( in order to conduct dance and movement workshops with residents of Nirmal Chhaya Complex who are currently suffering from a serious mental illness. Around 30 residents participated in the intensive training workshops which were aimed at increasing the level of emotionality and overall well-being of the residents. They also focused on building hygiene among them and developing self help skills.

Movement therapy proved to be immensely beneficial for the participants as the activities helped them increase their range of movement which eventually passed on to their behavior owing to the mind and body connection that exists among human beings. 

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