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MHU at Nirmal Chhaya

Mental health Unit at Nirmal Chhaya Complex


The year 2014 has been very exciting with the introduction of initiatives engaging the residents of different homes in interesting, spiritual or recreational activities. While workshops were conducted to improve the basic habits and stress management among the residents, extracurricular activities have improved participation and a general sense of wellbeing.

Sessions conducted by the MHU at Nirmal Chhaya:



Satsang at Nari Niketan: “Satsang”, a spiritual celebration, was organized in 2014, in collaboration with Art of Living. The participants chanted bhajans, sang and danced to connect with the almighty which made them calm, patient and happy.

Sports meet at Short Stay Home: A sports event was organised at short stay home. Various competitions like relay race, sack race, balloon race, lemon race were conducted which improved the overall sense of achievement and belonging among the residents.

Holi celebrations: Holi, an Indian festival of colours, is an occasion when sprinkling colour on each other breaks barriers of discrimination and increases camaraderie among people. The celebration of Holi with the residents and the staff of Children Home, Short Stay Home and Nariniketan brought immense happiness, breaking inhibitions and increasing their interactions with each other.

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