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Manas Foundation launched its Mental Health Unit (MHU) at Children Home for Boys, Lajpat Nagar on 11th September, 2011. This MHU plugs mental healthcare and implements innovative individual and group psychotherapeutic interventions for boys every month in the tender age bracket of six to eighteen years.

- 70% boys who are rehabilitated after attending the MHU program have stopped escaping their homes and getting readmitted into the state home.

-There has been 40% reduction in absenteeism from school as a result of increased interest in rebuilding their lives.

-Aggressive instances have reduced from 3 per week to 2 in 3 months.

- 70% of the rehabilitated boys have been imparted special skills under Manas’s Uday Project, a career counselling programme.

- Improved academic performance has helped 13 boys access a good English medium school

-Establishment of play therapy room has improved the emotional and mental expressions of the children.

- Keeping interests and aptitude in mind, attitude testing and interest inventories for boys above the age of 16 was conducted. 20 boys went through this screening and choose career paths that proved most rewarding and possible. Out of these, 6 boys have been enrolled in suitable courses and trades.

- As a part of art therapy, wall art mural became highly popular among children

- The MHU has elevated capabilities in the children allowing them to explore and expand their potentials through mainstreaming creative activities and pursuits.

Some of the out of box activities undertaken this year were:

Wall Painting: Giving Face to the Home
In July, 2014, Manas introduced Wall Painting as a part of art therapy to help the children overcome their abusive and deprived pasts. A team of artists was invited to involve the children in using art as a medium of expression.

Art Therapy: Painting expressions
While working with these children, the Manas team discovered their great creative talent and hence, introduced art therapy as a tool to improve their creative skills as well as help them overcome their past.


Career Counselling Program
Manas implemented its career counselling program to help the boys plan realistically for their future. This program has been a great success and the Manas team has already placed 4 boys who recently graduated from the home

Summer Camp
Manas conceptualized and organized two summer camps in 2014 where approximately 50 children participated.
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