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Career Counselling, Aga Khan Development Network
The Aga Khan Development Network’s socioeconomic initiative for the community at Nizamuddin runs a vocational training institute for the youth of the Basti. This initiative aims to increase the employability of the young adults of the community, to enhance their skill set, and prepare them for the challenges of working life.

- To assist the students enrolled in the various vocational training courses in planning for their career

- To map the interests, aptitudes and career personalities of the students in order to enhance their level of self-awareness, as is essential for making informed career choices

-To monitor their progress and facilitate them as they begin on their career paths with their chosen professions

The curriculum implemented at the vocational training institute was broadly categorized to inculcate employment readiness, employability and life skills, and self-awareness. After the students were placed, some of them started dropping out and in light of this we introduced an additional session for sustaining employment and checking tendencies to quit jobs. Manas conducted multiple individual and group sessions covering themes relevant to prepare the students for their future work-life. Standardized psychological tests were carried out to map interests and aptitudes.

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