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Gender Sensitization for Police Personnel
Complaints about the manner in which law enforcement officials handle grievances of survivors of gender-based violence are brought up often as a concern in counseling sessions. The apathy and indifference that people and women especially face at the hands of investigating officers are the driving forces behind conceptualizing and conducting gender sensitization trainings for police personnel. Manas started trainings for police officials in 2014 to change the understanding and role of police personnel in violence against women. Manas not only build work capabilities where the police have to work with women but also work on the stereotypes that they hold against women.


- To create conscious awareness about the specific gender stereotypes of the group and map the process of how these stereotypes are formed

- To generate awareness on why it is important to rewire ourselves to become more gender-sensitive in the current context

- Participants should be able to understand the meaning and need for being gender-sensitive in their own lives and in their professional practice


There are various important points covered during these trainings: 

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