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Mental Health Module at Sanskriti School
Sanskriti School in collaboration with Manas Foundation has pioneered a Mental Health Curriculum (MHC) to incorporate mental health inputs throughout the school year. The MHC was implemented in Sanskriti School in April, 2014 for students from classes 6th to 8th and uses activities and language that is understood by them. The MHC aims to introduce and build awareness about mental health issues on an ongoing basis. It will enhance the positive growth and development of the children, shaping them into caring and responsible individuals.

The mental health curriculum is a comprehensive workshop series that is conducted in a school, throughout the academic year. The curriculum is implemented in different classes simultaneously usually across 4-5 phases. The themes addressed in the curriculum are customized as per the school’s requirement with regard to the pressing mental health concerns they notice amongst their students. A variety of videos and activities are used to address the issues students might encounter in the school, home or social context during their growing up years. The program also provides a safe space to have discussions around these issues, build support groups within the school and encourage a sense of empathy towards one another. The workshops are usually concluded with a brainstorming session on ways to resolve conflicts, address challenges faced and support each other. The psychologists conducting the workshops also share self-help techniques for enhancing one’s mental health and well-being, if and when they are requested by the students.


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