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Life Skills and Mental Health Workshops
Life skills training and workshops by Manas are designed to help individuals deal with everyday situations adaptively and make good decisions about more abstract, long-term choices. These workshops are important for the overall development of an individual and thus are especially beneficial for children who come from troubled family and have gone through difficult situations in life. The development of life skills helps children to find new ways of thinking and solving problems along with making them adept to make decisions. It further makes them understand the impact of their actions and choices, and take responsibility for their actions. A greater sense of self-awareness also develops along with being mindful of the comfort of others around them.

Manas conducts group sessions to strengthen the social and life skills of individuals in various settings such as Nirmal Chaaya complex and the Lajpat Nagar Home for Boys along with sessions at our other plug in models. These are some of the themes covered in these workshops:

? Team work & Leadership
? Good Touch & Bad Touch
? Assertiveness & Peer Pressure
? Communication Skills
? Decision Making
? Attraction in Adolescence
? Personal Health & Hygiene
? Critical Thinking & Creativity
? Handling Criticism
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