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Mental Health Unit at Nirmal Chhaya Complex

The year 2016 has been very exciting with the introduction of initiatives engaging the residents of different homes in interesting, spiritual or recreational activities. Workshops were conducted to improve the basic habits and stress management among the residents while extracurricular activities improved participation and a general sense of well-being.

Apart from over 1200 individual/family sessions, a number of workshops and activities were planned across various houses in the complex. Some are highlighted below:

Workshops and group therapy sessions were held to address a number of issues pertinent to the lives of the women and girls residing at the Nirmal Chhaya complex. The topics of these activities ranged from health & hygiene to career guidance and counselling. These helped in disseminating psycho-educative information and address the different challenges faced by the women in their lives. The purpose behind conducting these sessions was to normalize the challenges, build internal support groups and encourage help-seeking among the residents.




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