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Celebrations at Nirmal Chhaya Complex
International Women’s Day 2016: Celebrating womanhood at Nirmal Chhaya

In honour of Women’s Day 2016, a colourful assortment of activities was scheduled over a period of three days to celebrate womanhood as an essence of identity for the residents of Nirmal Chhaya.

The celebration began with a friendly competition of rangoli-making, dancing and singing among the residents of different homes. The event was organised at After Care Home and aimed at bringing out the sense of belonging among the residents to their respective home. The residents of Short Stay Home and After Care Home took part in the team and the individual competition. Differently abled residents and residents with psychiatric conditions were also involved in the rangoli-making competition.

After the competition residents of all the homes came together for a dance party. The facilitators attempted to engage them with the music and helped break their symptoms of social withdrawal by bringing out a sense of connection amongst the group. The officials and members of staff at the Nirmal Chhaya Complex also joined in the celebrations and helped enhance the interpersonal interactions among the residents.

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