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Mental Health Day

On October 11, the training sessions incorporated the topic of mental well-being to mark the World Mental Health Day. The trainers spoke about the fundamentals of mental health, and the different conditions such as depression and anxiety. Special, focus was put on the unique stress commercial vehicle drivers go through as a part of their profession. This includes air and noise pollution they have to face on the road and the stress incurred while interacting with a diverse population.

The trainers also discussed the different beliefs regarding mental health, and then informed the drivers how some of the beliefs are just myths. The aim of this exercise was to reduce the stigma attached to mental health, and open up the discussion regarding the same within the community of commercial drivers.

The types of beliefs participants had:
- Mental health ka matlab “pagal hote hain”.
- Mental health matlab “behem hota hian ki mansik bimarya kabhi sahi nahi ho sakta hain.
- “Pagaloko humesha rehab ke under rakhna chahie becouse bahar ake dushroke life barbad kardete hain”
- “Yeh apne aap sahi ho jata hain, iske liye koi ilaz ke jarurat nahi hain”
- “Kuch log jan bujh kar acting karte hain pagal banne ka”

Queries from the participants:-
- Yeh sab bimario ke liye kaha kaha pe hospitals hain Delhi main?
- Kya koi sansatha hain jo ghar main ake illaj karta hain?
- Kya jyada goossa ana bhi mental health ka hi issue hain? Mujhe jyada se jyada goossa ata hain main kya karu?

Each myth was addressed separately, and questions were answered with the support of scientific research, and well-known facts along with anecdotes from the trainers and real life examples of famous people. A healthy discussion on the different aspects of mental health was held and the participants were well-informed manner.
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