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Barabari ki Dagar, Surakshit Safar; Gender Sensitization Program for Commercial Vehicle Drivers

In January 2014, Manas Foundation created and launched ‘Barabari ki Dagar, Surakshit safar’ -- a campaign for gender sensitization of commercial vehicle drivers to create safe and equal spaces for women. For this program Manas has established a partnership with the Transport Department, Government of Delhi NCT, and Transport Authority of Noida and it is supported by Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL).

Since its inception, the programme has received much acclaim and consistently rated well among drivers, indicative of the programmes efficacy. Initially, the programme focused on auto drivers centered in Delhi and now extends to Noida, covering all registered auto and taxi drivers in both regions through its policy mandate. At the time of renewing their driver license or fitness of their vehicle, drivers are mandated to participate in training as part of their requirements. Thus, the intervention has been institutionalized. The growth and scale of the programme can be witnessed by not only its demographic and geographical expansion but also in the development of diverse sub-programmes over the years, created to foster engagement. 


In 2016, Manas Foundation expanded -- ‘Barabari Ki Dagar… Surakshit Safar’— for commercial vehicle drivers to Noida. The training for the auto drivers of Noida began at the RTO office in Noida from March 1, 2016.

Just like in Delhi, the training has been made a policy mandate in Noida as well; wherein all auto driving licence holders in Noida must go through the two-hour training on gender sensitivity when they come for licence renewal or fitness of the vehicle.


Till date, the program has successfully provided gender sensitisation training to over 1,80,000 auto drivers, 70,000 taxi drivers, 24,000 bus/gramin sewa drivers in Delhi and 9000 auto drivers in Noida. The training promotes pro-gender behaviour using psychological concepts of dissonance and social commitment resulting in attitudinal change in the long run.

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