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Gender Sensitization Program for Police Officials
In 2014, Manas started the gender sensitisation training for police officials, in order to change their understanding and the role of police personnel in violence against women.

At present, the concept of gender and gender equality is grossly misunderstood by a large majority of police officers. This results in low awareness about the gender inequalities which exist within police officers. Even if there is awareness, the cult of masculinity prevailing in the police organization does not easily permit a change in the attitude and behaviour of male police personnel towards women. The stereotypes held by the police about sexual violence/ harassment and domestic violence, clearly indicate the general attitude of police towards women, which has a role to play in the number of cases of sexual violence or gender based violence which remain unreported; women are not yet trusting of police personnel.

The training program is has been very well received so far and attracts indepth discussions and thought challenging perspectives from the police officials. It has been instrumental in enabling a shift in the burden of blame from women to the perpetrators of violence. 
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