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Psychologists from Manas are on the CBSE Helpline in 2007 as well. We have been taking calls from distressed students, concerned parents and teachers, and advising them on how to help the students to manage their studies, time and stress.


Despite constituting almost 50% of the country’s population, women are a marginalized section of the society, experiencing secondary status when it comes to basic social, economical, political, and legal and human rights and opportunities. Associated with this experience of being on the periphery of society, are a gamut of mental health concerns for women. Mental health is a correlated with physical well-being. Without one, the other cannot exist. Specifically for women, whose biology and socialization is different from men, this is pertinent

Women in contemporary Indian society battle with multiple responsibilities at workplace and home. Migration, globalization, increase of violence and abuse against women, make them more vulnerable to experiencing stress and mental health problems.

Thus, it was felt that it was important to join hands with NGOs working over a long period of time, in the area of women’s welfare. As a progression from this thought, Manas Foundation and Sangat Trust jointly organised a Dialogue Workshop on Women and Mental Health Care on January 11, 2007, supported by the National Commission for Women. Sangat is an NGO working for women’s empowerment in South Asia.

The aim of the workshop was:

  • To help broaden the scope of mental health awareness across all sections of society for women in and around Delhi.
  • To simplify accessibility of mental health care and make it economically viable across all sections of society for women in and around Delhi.
  • To address the issue of stigma around mental health and create a sensitive environment.

The workshop was well attended by almost 30 participants from 10 NGOs, funding agencies, and government representatives. The outcome of the workshop was an action plan to improve mental health facilities for women.

Possible Collaboration between NGOs and MANAS & Other Mental Health Organizations :
  • Awareness on Mental Health
    • Materials-booklets, films, posters
    • Workshops with media, lawyers, schools, colleges, NGOs
    • Campaigns
  • Training in basic counseling skills and mental health awareness of :
    • NGO activists
    • community women
  • Mental health centres at NGOs for counseling or clinical interventions
  • Referral to Experts
  • Community intervention on mental health
  • Identifying sensitive and accessible MH professionals in different parts of Delhi, Lucknow, Baroda, HP etc.
  • Action Research
  • Holistic resource Centres: which provide a safe place, support system, medical help, work opportunities etc
  • MANAS referring VAW cases to women’s groups
  • Helpline
  • Linking MH work with other movements eg. Human Rights, anti globalization, VAW etc.

From among these, some of the outcomes currently being worked upon are:

  • Setting up Counseling Unit providing mental health services by Manas Foundation in each willing NGO.
  • Distress help lines & crisis intervention centre for handling mental health related emergencies for women & young girls.
  • Basic counseling skills training programs for the staff of other NGOs working for women (based on need assessment) and the Primary Health Care Workers.
  • Online consulting services from Manas
  • Development of IEC material on mental health for women.
  • Psychotherapy services for women at subsidized cost at Manas following referrals or walk-in clients.
  • By involving spouses and families of women in psychological distress in their rehabilitation

The participants at the Workshop were:

  1. Ms. Abha Bhaiya - Sangat
  2. Ms. Kamla Bhasin - Sangat, Jagori
  3. Ms. Nancy Gupta - Sangat
  4. Ms. Juhi Jain - Jagori
  5. Ms. Nandini Rao- Jagori
  6. Ms. Kalyani Menon-Sen - Jagori
  7. Ms. Sunita Thakur - Jagori
  8. Dr. Renu Addlakha - CWDS
  9. Ms. Subhalakshmi Nandi- Nirantar
  10. Dr. Kishwar Ahmed Shirali – Psychotherapist and  Feminist Activist
  11. Ms. Jaspal Kaur - Naz Foundation
  12. Dr. Manju Agarwal - Amity Institute of Health and Behavioral Sciences, Lucknow
  13. Ms. Bharti Roy Chowdury- Action India
  14. Ms. Gouri Choudhury - Action India
  15. Ms. Veermati - Action India
  16. Ms. Murthi - Action India
  17. Ms. Geetha Bharadwaj – One World South Asia
  18. Sr. Leona - Domestic Workers’ Forum
  19. Ms. Anju Xaxa- Domestic Workers’ Forum- Chetnalaya
  20. Dr. Aparna Srivastava - NHRC
  21. Ms. Rama Sharma -CBSE
  22. Dr. Vikas Mohan Sharma - VIMHANS
  23. Ms. Anchal Kapur - Kriti Team
  24. Ms. Geetha Bharadwaj - South Asia One World
  25. Dr. P.K. Goswami - Mamta
  26. Dr. Jagdish Kaur - Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  27. Ms. Anuja - Rahi
  28. Ms. Nimisha Desai -  Olakh
  29. Ms. Shubhangi Sharma - Oxfam India Trust
  30. Ms. Monica Kumar - Manas Foundation
  31. Ms. Mridula Apte - Manas Foundation
  32. Ms. Joysree Mukherji - Manas Foundation
  33. Mr. Naveen Kumar - Manas Foundation
  34. Ms. Aarati Taksal - Manas Foundation
  35. Ms. Gayatri Sen Chaudhri - Manas Foundation
  36. Mr. Kamal Kishore Choudhary - Manas Foundation
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