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Period: 9th December 2005- January 2006
Total duration: 1 month 6 hours weekly.
Participants: Postgraduate students of psychology
Venue: Manas

This course focused on measurement of intellectual and cognitive abilities in adults. As the incidence of neurological problems rise in society, the need for proper assessment and rehabilitation will arise. It is with this in mind that the course is designed. Also number of mentally retarded adults poses a challenge to society and families. Several benefits financial and others have been allotted for them. To avail of these are standardized assessment from a psychologist is required. Theoretical knowledge received by students not only gets a boost with clinical but students become confident clinicians. The tests covered in the course were Weschlers’ Adult Performance Intelligence Test, Bender Gestalt Test, PGI- Battery, and later, 16 PF, a personality test was also included.

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