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A Media Workshop on mental health was held on December 2, 2006. The objective of the workshop was to sensitize the media about mental health issues by giving them relevant information and addressing their concerns about the same. The expected outcome of the workshop was to facilitate sensitive and more accurate reporting by the media about events that concern individuals with mental health problems. The facilitators of the workshop were: Ms. Bhavani Thyagarajan, Joint Secretary, (Ministry of Health & Family Welfare), Dr. Nagaraja, Director, NIMHANS, Bangalore, Dr Jagdish Kaur (CMO, DGHS), Dr. Kavita Venkataraman, National Consultant (NMH)WHO-India, Dr. Rajesh Sagar, Senior Psychiatrist, AIIMS.

Our campaign with the media has brought to their notice the need for adopting a more sensitive and sensible approach to portray issues pertaining to mental health and illnesses. A more visible incorporation of the concrete outcomes of our efforts with the media is going to be a slow process; however, the first step has been taken. We have been able to create a much needed platform to address and discuss issues.

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