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The children at our Special School have been participating in competitions and programmes organsied by various institutes. We at Manas encourage our special children to take up extra-curricular activities as these are crucial to their holistic development. Going out, interacting with different people, taking up responsibilities, representing our School at competitions are all a part of social skills’ development that we believe will enable our children to become confident,  self-reliant, and ultimately integrate into the society.
In the past one year our students have participated in the Abalympics, Quiz , Painting and Dance Competitions. The details of are given below:

Participation in Special Olympics :

The Special Olympics were organised in December 2007, at Lady Irwin College, and  Okhla Centre, Delhi. 5 children from our school participated in the event of Bouchee, of whom 2 won the Bronze medal. All the children received a certificate of participation.

Participation in Gyan Manjiri Quiz Competition :

The Gyan Manjiri Quiz Competition was organised by Four Steps Special School on February 17, 2007, at the Open Theatre, Hotel Ashok, Delhi.  3 children from our school participated in the quiz,  answering the Audio, Visual, Odd-One-Out & Activities of Daily Living Rounds. A total of 26 teams from various special schools and NGOs from had participated in the competition.

Participation in A Dance and Painting Competition organised by the YMCA
on Children’s Day (November 14, 2006), to celebrate Children’s Day.

 6 of our children participated in the Dancing competition, performing a festival-based dance, taking scenes from Janmashtami. 4 children took part in the Painting coimpetion. All of them received certificates of participation.

Participation in Painting Competiotion organised by the National Museum of Natural History from February 1-8, 2007.
 Many children from our school took part in the Cutting & Pasting, painting competiiton, a visit to the Bio-diversity park, and the Cultural Program. The children earned certificates of perticipation and one student earned the 3 rd prize in the Cutting & Pasting competition.

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