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Date:  July 26, 2004
Event: Seminar (One day)
Venue: Manas Foundation
Speaker/Faculty: Dr. Vikas Mohan Sharma, Ms Mridula Apte
Participants: 16 (parents, educationists and mental health professionals)

The concept of “Hyperactivity” has often been used loosely to mean anything from a child who is healthy and active to a genuinely hyperactive child with attentional deficits. The aims of the seminar were to clarify varied opinions; to establish clear concepts of diagnostic assessment and management in people’s minds were. The speakers were experts in their specialties of mental health and provided a contemporary review of Hyperactivity from different perspectives. Ms. Mridula Apte, Clinical Psychologist at Manas, spoke on “Assessing the Hyperactive Child – A Guide for Teachers and Counselors”. She gave an insight into the signs and symptoms of hyperactivity in children, and the early screening of the difficulty. Dr. Vikas Mohan Sharma, Psychiatrist at VIMHANS, spoke on “Managing the child with ADHD”. He highlighted the medical and behavioural interventions that may be used to manage hyperactivity and promote better attention, concentration, and task completion in children. The two talks were followed by question-answer session. Open discussions between parents, educationists and mental health professionals were rich and full of ideas.

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