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Intervention with youth from the marginalized group of MSM was carried out. The objective of the intervention was to understand psychosocial factors that are either responsible for initiation into this altered preference of sexuality or the factors that are sustaining the pattern. This intervention was focused on a group of 25 youth and the results have been very positive, the module is now being implemented at two new locations in Jaipur and Bharatpur. It has also resulted in a study paper presented in a conference on HIV/AIDS held in Mexico in August 2008 and a manual that can be replicated with any group of marginalized population. 

Oxfam U.K had contracted with Manas Foundation to make a module for psychological skill enhancement and intervention with one of their marginalized group with high risk of AIDS, namely MSM (men who have sex with men). After the need assessment based on clinical interview and administration of standardized psychological test, team from Manas devised a module to address the needs thrown us. 

The module comprised of two, two day workshops spaced over a period of one month. The module emphasized on stress, its manifestation, shame and stigma attached to MSM, resolving conflicts, understanding avoidance and other maladaptive coping patterns. Anger management, addictions and self concept also formed an integral part of the module.
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