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A survey was conducted with the youth in our partner organizations to undermine the sustainability of training and employment programmes. Subsequent to that psycho-social intervention was planned to reduce the drop out rates from the vocational programmes & enhance sustainability. Manas foundation developed an innovative programme to engage with the out of school youth & adolescents ,to train the NGO staff in basic counseling skills &provide direct counseling of the youth to address the emotional and behavioral concerns of the group and facilitating the establishment of a counseling center in the organization, ensuring sustainability of the inputs at a later date.

This Program has two components. Direct intervention with youth: We have established counseling centers in 15 NGO. This effort has got us in touch with over 2500 youth, both males and females, either directly or indirectly via the trained staff of the NGOs. With in these counseling centers we meet the youth regularly. We provide individual counseling, group counseling & facilitate self help groups. We also provide supervision to the trained staff hands on & do case management.

Building capacity of the NGO staff: Manas Foundation has trained 15 NGO’s staff to enhance their psychological capabilities. In the first project initiated in 2005-6, five NGOs namely Hope Foundation, Salaam Balak Trust, Literacy India, Deepalaya and Vidya participated. This project aimed at reducing drop out rate among the beneficiaries. The project was externally evaluated and achieved more than its objectives designed for & was found to be ground breaking. In continuation of this, a more intensive and comprehensive project was launched in 2007 with the additional aim of training bare foot counselors from among the staff of participating NGOs and setting up counseling in the NGOs through continued hand holding for a complete year. This ongoing project has already established the counseling structures at the NGOs and the training of staff is in its final stages. Participants from organizations SNSF, Shine, Aman Biradri, Don Bosco and Navjyoti etc are being trained to be bare foot counselor providing for basic psychological services and early detection.

Through these projects, we would have trained 120 staff members and done in-depth case management for 500 clients so far.

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