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July 2010, Manas Foundation has successfully completed the implementation of the community development program undertaken in association with Growth for All at Savda Ghevra.

The program’s special focus was on youth who have gone through the experiences of resettlement and were unemployed.
Overall, 13 group sessions, 35 individual sessions and about 15 workshops had been conducted with youth and community members focusing on expanding perspectives on vocation; allaying unrealistic aspirations; handling self-esteem issues; reducing internal barriers; align skewed parameters of goals, income and training; and increasing the flagging enthusiasm towards career planning and development.

Career Counselling initiative for Rural Youth
Manas Foundation conducted training on Career Counseling for Bhaskar Foundation an NGO in Madhya Pradesh, where we built the capacity of the CSO staff that are working with rural youth on skill development and imparting vocational training. The purpose of this training was to equip the staff with hands on experience in

planning career, administering interest inventory and matching aptitude/ ability with aspirations, conducting family/ individual sessions, thereby reducing drop out rates of youth from training and sustaining employability.

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