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Anti Bully Campaign
The Anti Bully Campaign was carried throughout the months of January & February 2011 on weekly basis. The creative activity supporting the Campaign was „Grassroot comic making?. In the initial sessions, the task force members were asked about their ideas and expectations from the Campaign also views of the members on the concept of this Campaign were discussed. It was clarified to the task force that Anti Bully Campaign is an effort to stop the bully behavior. 

The task force members were made familiar to their responsibilities. After this they were introduced to the concept of Grassroots Comic Making. Over the sessions, the types of bully behavior, reasons for the bully behavior were discussed and they were given the task to identify the bulliers and the bullied. The children belonging to the task force were taught the song “Yeh Tara Who Tara”. They were explained the meaning of the song. They were explained that they are like stars in the Universe, all of which are special. 

When these stars get together at night (which symbolizes a bad time, referring to the incidents of the bully behavior) they can bring up brightness (symbolizing improve the condition of the victim). They were taught about unity and the need to care for others round them.
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