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Conducting innovative action researches, in partnership with young people, on the mental health landscape and the internal/self barriers to leadership building among the youth.
After conducting the capacity building workshops and setting up the counseling centres for mental health supports and information set up in each organization, Manas is now partnering with the community youth groups (of partner organizations) to conduct the first ever action research on the mental health issues of urban disadvantaged youth.

This action research aims to map the psyche of the urban disadvantaged youth.

It will facilitate the disadvantaged youth of the NCR region to: Plot their self-concept and self-identity in the context of intense urbanization. Map their happiness barometers (or their levels of hope, aspirations, enthusiasm, and ambition) on a specially-constructed scale. Identify their unique psychological enablers and barriers to positive identity and leadership building. Analyze the discrimination and stigma experienced in public spaces and its repercussion on their mental health. Outline the co-relation between identity, self-concept, mental health, well-being and leadership. Trace the gender uniqueness and difference in the experiences of male and female youth. Identify the concrete mechanisms for strengthening the capacities of urban disadvantaged youth for coping with, and responding to, stigma and discrimination, both in their external and internal worlds.

So far we have completed our total sample size of 500 youth population from 10 different NGOs all over Delhi NCR. From our experience and work with young people, and conversation with youth development leaders, we know that such research is required.
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