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World No Tobacco Day Celebration '11
Manas Foundation shares its vision of a tobacco free nation by proper implementation of FCTC guidelines. Working by the guidelines set by the WHO, the objectives of Manas for observing the World No Tobacco Day 2011 were as follows:
1. To spread awareness about the ill effects of tobacco usages.
2. To stop new tobacco users entry.
3. To break the social perception of being “cool” attached with the tobacco consumption
4. To reduce the overall tobacco consumption.
5. To control second hand smoking.

Community based interventions were the core of the campaign and all the activities revolved around them only. To communicate the social message of 'no smoking' the following methodologies were applied through innovative means that appeal to sensitize people:

1. Creating counterfeit pan and cigarette kiosk- The fake pan and cigarette kiosks were created at various locations across Delhi like malls and markets that are frequently visited by people. These kiosks were identical to the existing pan walas manned by an individual dressed as a paan wala thus reducing the initial resistance of the target group.  Fake pan kiosks were established at seven locations in Delhi for seven days i.e. 25th of May, 2011 to 31st May 2011.

Sarojini Nagar Market 25th May 2011
TDI Mall, Rajouri Garden 26th May 2011
Select City Walk, Saket 27th May 2011
PVR Complex, Vasant Vihar 28th May 2011
Delhi Haat, INA 29th May 2011
PVR Complex, Saket 30th May 2011
Nirman Bhawan Complex 31st  May 2011

These areas are a shopping hub and freak out points of Delhi visited by all age groups of people like children, women, elderly etc. So the target groups were versatile and message reached out to more and more number of people at these points. These places have many tobacco product vendors like cigarette & paan kiosk in its vicinity. The vendors were also sensitized towards the ill effects of tobacco menace along with the other target population including shop owners like at PVR, Vasant Vihar where the fake pan stall was created adjoining the existing cigarettes stalls, thus resulting in sensitizing them about the cause. At Delhi Haat (INA) the stall was thronged by the crowd from different culture & ethnicity.

The campaign at Nirman Bhawan on World No Tobacco Day ie 31st May 2011 was visited by Mr. K. Chandramauli, Secretary, Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and was attended by various officers of the ministry. Ms. Jagdish Kaur, CMO, Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare briefed the officers about its significance.

2. Distribution of fake cigarette pack/ fake gutka pouches- The fake cigarette packets were produced that carried images about the harmful effects of tobacco, a move that the Government has been planning for some time. The pack had cards that served as IEC material, questionnaire to know one level of tobacco addiction, cessation plan and information on agencies where help can be sought. These packs were given free of cost. Similarly fake gutka pouches were produced with images about the detrimental effects of tobacco for free distribution. These materials targeted the emotional thought process of the audience, knocked them hard and fast and delivered the message of harmful effect of tobacco instantly and firmly.

3. Skeleton- Two of the team members of the campaign were dressed up as “skeleton” and carried placards requesting public to be their friends with hard hitting message like, Would you like to be my friend, Leave it or give me company, I am your better tomorrow. The rationale behind the inclusion of activities by skeleton was to sensitize the people and to mobilize crowd resulting in mass awareness.

4. Interaction with Mental Health team- The mental health team of Manas interacted with participants sensitized them about ill effects of tobacco use and shared the quit tobacco plan. They also made them fill the questionnaire to know their level of tobacco addiction followed by a discussion on cessation plan and information on agencies where help can be sought.

5. Street Play performance- A nukkar natak team performed at all the seven places where kiosks were made to draw attention of the public towards the tobacco demon. The team performed twice at each location after a gap of one and half hour in order to maximize the reach to the target audience. The play mainly focused on the youth population, that how they get indulged in the captivity of the fatal demon and its adverse effect on the health of smoker. They also threw some light on the remedial measures which should be taken for tobacco cessation. They successfully captured the crowd’s attention in disseminating the message as the footfall was maximum at all the locations especially at Delhi Haat (INA) & Sarojini Nagar Mkt.

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