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Summer Camp @ Nirmal Chhaya Complex for Children

In line with the services of our Mental Health Unit at Nirmal Chhaya Complex, we organized a summer camp for the girls at children home through which girls got an opportunity to learn the art of music, dance and theatre. Such performing arts provided for space for these girls to express themselves and hone their talents. The camp went on for one month and ended in a grand show where the children gave a performance in front of other residents as well as many other dignitaries of Nirmal Chhaya Complex. The camp was organized in association with Manzil and Children Home for Girls. 6 teachers from Manzil Foundation joined in the camp to teach the kids these activities.                         

Dance performance by the Children Home girls     
Almost 70 girls of age group 10-17 years participated in  the camp. They were divided in three classes of dance, art and theatre. Classes were held 3 times a week for 2 hours each. During these classes, children were engaged in learning the basics of these art forms and were gradually trained to fine tune their skills. Each group prepared three performances, each based in themes that would inspire them and keep them optimistic for a brighter future. The themes of the performances were chosen democratically by the participants and they were encouraged to take initiative in preparing the function. 

Theatre performance by Children Home girls

Certain values that were instilled through the process were of commitment towards a task, taking responsibility for it, punctuality and regularity. The creative side of these children was stimulated that brought about greater sense of happiness and contentment.

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