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Yoga Classes @ Nirmal Chhaya Complex
Group sessions for Yoga were conducted in Nari Niketan Home at Nirmal Chhaya Complex. There were 35 participants in these sessions. A mixed group was taken that included inmates who are under psychiatric treatment and those who are well adjusted in the home. They were explained why yoga was beneficial. They were told how important it was to our internal system and our state of mind. The group was enthusiastic and after the initial time that it took for building a functional rapport with the trainers, approached the session with much interest and participation. 

They were happy and showed a lot of zest during the sessions.  A few people had to be encouraged more to participate and needed help with the exercises. Verbal feedback was taken and they expressed that they enjoyed the sessions and looked forward to it. For the residents who could not participate, the sessions were also beneficial as they opened their minds to newer experiences, this could be felt by the requests that we received from them regarding initiation of the second batch for the Yoga Classes.
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