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Celebration of World Mental Health Day, 10th Oct 2011
It has been observed that there is low awareness regarding mental health, not just between the lay people but also among members of the Mental Health fraternity. There is also lot of stigma attached to mental health leading to poor utilization of available mental health resources. The same has been felt time and again even during delivery of our services that the Mental Health Units at Niirmal Chhaya Complex as well as Lajpat Nagar. 

The M.H.U team tried to address these issues by organizing a mask making competition amongst the children of homes on the occasion of World Mental Health Day. “Art” is a boundary less medium of creative expression that helped the minds in rediscovering themselves, their inner beauty, and their transom to joy, happiness & success. During the mast making process, we were able to highlight the various facets of mental health and its services and reintroducing mental health as a positive concept rather than being stigmatized and outrated. 

We were humbled by the participation of the residents of the homes and the various expressions of self and others that they portrayed on the masks which are no less than pieces of precious art work for us that are displayed in our Mental Health Unit now.
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