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New Year Celebrations by Learning the Art of Living at Nirmal Chhaya Complex
Manas foundation in collaboration with Nari Niketan organized a “Satsang” by Art of Living to enhance positivity in women residing there and to celebrate the spirit of new  year.
The program commenced  at 11.00 in the morning and lasted for about 2 hours followed by lunch prepared by Nari Niketan inmates. Initially when the “Satsang” was started most of the women were a little shy and reluctant to participate, not willing to come forward but after a while they started to enjoy and came forward to participate. The inmates then thoroughly enjoyed, danced and sang during the Satsang. 

The purpose of infusing the positivity through Art Of Living “Satsang” was completely fulfilled. At the end of “Satsang” a positive energy could be felt among residents of Nari Niketan. Art of Living performer gave their blessings to all the people present there. It was a moment of complete bliss, enjoyment, joy & laughter and a positive aura was created and enjoyed by all the participants. 

Mergence with the divine for positive mental health.

This event rejuvenated the inmates, brought them in tune with themselves and others and gave them a moment of being with themselves as well as with others at the same time. They enjoyed, laughed, danced and were quite happy after the event. The women were being told about how important it is to stay happy to lead a healthy life. Such events should be organized more often to ensure a positive well being among the inmates.

(for pictures of the event click here
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