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Institutionalization of Counselling Services at Dayal Singh College, University of Delhi
We had been contacted by the Dayal Singh College Authorities, University of Delhi, to provide the below mentioned services for the students of the college by setting up an in-house counselling unit within its premises.

In house Counselling Services
Career Counselling
Group Work

Counselling Services: Through our previous interventions with youth, we have identified them as one of the most vulnerable groups to work with. Transformation from adolescent to adulthood brings with itself a lot of energy which in case not channelized fairly, leads to psychosocial concerns and challenges. In order to harness this abundant energy rightfully, therapeutic interventions play a major role. Which is central to our intervention in the college.

Career Counselling: The most critical decision faced by students in a college is to opt for a plan of life after academics. It is a challenge that each individual faces and the resolution impacts the life of the individual, for now and always. This resolution, for those who are confused and uncertain is presented by us in a scientific and systematic manner. Key aspects of Career Counselling process are

  • It is a process of 3-4 interactions and not a one-time intervention
  • Involves scientific assessments and tests that yield specific information regarding interest,         aptitude and personality of an individual
  • A formal report for each individual, with findings and observations is drafted and shared in the end
Group Sessions: Group sessions are integral to our intervention at the college. Several needs of the ‘young adults’ can be addressed through group sessions more effectively and efficiently. Also group sessions enable greater coverage of students leading to an increased number of people who would benefit from our presence within their college premises. 

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