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Anti-Bully Workshops At Sanskriti School, New Delhi
Sanskriti School, New Delhi, recently sought services of Manas Foundation to conduct Anti Bully Workshops for their students if III, IV and V standards. Along with separate workshops for their staff and children from the Learning Centre as well.

The workshops werer designed and customized to suit the needs of not just the school, but also of each standard individually. All students went through an interactive group session spanned over 1 - 1.5 hours. Each session comprised of fun and engaging activities ranging from watching video clips, using the 'bully bag', to creating grass roots comics! Through the activities the children were successfully able to identify bullying behavior, identify other children who have bullied them and share their stories of the incidents that affected them personally and what was the impact on them. The children were taught simple and easy techniques of 'what to do when you are bullied', 'what to do when your friend is bullied' and what to do if you bully'!

The workshops were very well received by the teachers, the parents and the management of the school and the feedback from the children themselves has been heart warming!
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