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Celebrating World No Tobacco Day
World No Tobacco Day Celebration: WNTD 2012

Every year 31st May is celebrated as “World No Tobacco Day” globally. Manas has been engaging in the celebrations in partnership with WHO and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare actively since 2007.

This year too Manas joined hands with WHO, MOHFW and Rotary Club of Delhi West to replicate our successful campaign from last year.
The campaign was designed to address the various stakeholders like youth and adolescents, retailers and vendors, health officials and over all masses to spread awareness amongst them regarding the use of tobacco and its damages.

It focused on creating counterfeit pan and cigarette kiosk at locations that are frequented by people like malls and office spaces. These kiosks are identical to the existing pan shops manned by an individual dressed as a paan wala thus reducing the initial resistance of the target group. Two locations that were shortlisted were Nirman Bhawan and Ambience Mall Gurgaon.

31st May 2012, on the World No Tobacco Day the campaign was launched at Nimran Bhawan, New Delhi. Along with the office going population, and people at various similar kiosks in the area, the Manas Pan Bhandar witnessed presence of WHO officials, Senior Officials from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and even the Hon’ble Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Himachal Pradesh, Dr. Rajeev Bindal who manned our pan bhandar and psycho-educated members from the audience on ill effects of tobacco and the need to disown the substance completely from our lifestyles. 

The campaign was much appreciated by all stake holders and exclusive pictures of the same could be accessed at

The campaign was later replicated at the Ambeince Mall Gurgaon on Saturday, 9th May 2012. Considering the footfall in the mall on a weekend, the pan kiosk and other activities received much appreciation and interest of people. It was also the first such initiative that the mall authorities had engaged in. Pictures could be seen at

At both the sites of the campaign, fake cigarette packs were produced that carried images about the harmful effects of tobacco at the Pan Bhandaar. The pack also had cards that served as IEC material, questionnaire to know one level of tobacco addiction, cessation plan and information on agencies where help can be sought. These packs were given free of cost. Similarly fake gutka pouches were also produced will images for free distribution. 

One of our staff dressed up as a “skeleton” and carried placards and information material requesting public to be their friends.

A mental health team simultaneously interacted with the public through IEC material. Assessment of psychological health of smokers through use of standardized questionnaires i.e. checking the level of use, abuse and dependence was also. 

A nukkad natak team from Hansraj College, performed at places where kiosks are made to draw attention of the public towards them. The nukkad natak was directed and performed in a manner that highlighted the misconceptions associated with tobacco and its repercussions.

All these activities targeted the emotional quotient of the audience, hit them hard and fast and delivered the message of harmful effect of tobacco straight and hard. The campaign was a definitely a success and our efforts on spreading the message of anti-tobacco definitely would not stop here, however would be extended to beneficiaries all year around!

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