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Manas Workshops @ Sanskriti School
The Manas Team completed a very fulfilling month of workshops at Sanskriti School. Classes 2 through 5 were taken through a module on anti-bullying, that clarified their understanding of bullying, and elicited the importance of respecting and appreciating one another. With class 6, we conducted Growing Up workshops that took them through the physical as well as emotional changes that puberty brings. The 7th and 8th graders were engaged with workshops on themes pertaining to understanding the emerging self that manifests in different ways with the onset of the teenage years, as well as its relationship with one’s world. Along with this aspect of self-awareness, the 9th and 10th grade workshops also included deriving an understanding of handling peer pressure and temptations.

It was wonderful to experience the depth with which the students address their metamorphosing psychology at every stage of their lives. Their receptivity and enthusiasm turned the workshops into a forum in which the keenest of insights were brought out and shared, an atmosphere which enhances the effectiveness of school-based mental health interventions.

We had a great time conducting the workshops and look forward to more such meaningful interactions with school students!
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