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William Kelley, coordinator of Ford Foundation's New York Office, Visits Lajpat Nagar Home for Boys

On the 12th of March, 2014, Ford Foundation’s New York Office Coordinator William Kelley made a visit to the Manas Foundation’s Mental Health Unit in Children’s Home for Boys at Lajpat Nagar, Delhi.

An in depth conversation was held with him which allowed the Psychologists at MHU to demonstrate the efficacy with which they continue to carry out supportive and therapeutic work with the boys’. Initiating the dialogue with home’s structure, the conversation included the Manas Foundation’s intervention at the home, the activities carried out in the recent past, the changes made, the paths traveled and road blocks faced.

Initiatives of the MHU, such as the celebration of festivals (and the activities such as diya painting and rangoli making competitions etc.), dance and other creative arts programmes to harness the boys' interest in dance and performing arts, sports day were highlighted as the positive and preventive interventions carried out by Manas.

A discussion was also held with a group of boys who spoke about their narratives and experiences of Manas’ work in the home, the role of psychologist in their journey in the home and their own life history. William Kelley also shared his journey in India though the photographs he took at various places. Photographs became the common language and the barrier was easily bridged.

During the interactions, it was revealed that the boys are very fond of cricket, which led to Mr. Kelley becoming a teammate in a friendly cricket match played outside the MHU!  The meet ended with him appreciating the work carried out by Manas and wishing us luck for future endeavors.


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