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Unlike traditional psychiatric services that are run out of OPDs, Manas’ approach to psychiatry has evolved. Manas’ psychiatric services are built into existing service delivery systems to normalise mental health amongst masses while leveraging the psycho-social approach to counselling. This is based on Manas’ vision to create access to mental health services in a decentralised system.


On one hand, Manas works collaboratively with a network of psychiatrists to provide therapeutic interventions to support the client's’ needs. Here, patients are referred by psychiatrists to Manas for assessments, diagnostics, and psycho-social and therapeutic interventions. And, our psychologists work closely with these psychiatrists to provide the patient with suitable therapy and medication.


On the other hand, our in-house psychiatrists, Dr. Amiya Banerjee and Dr. Prashant Goel are involved in our community interventions supporting psychiatric needs in our Mental Health Plugin  projects. They work with psychologists supporting the different projects by delivering psychiatric consultation, diagnosis and determining the course of recovery. In addition to the therapeutic support as required by the client, psychiatric medication may also be provided for holistic management of the psychological concern.

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