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The Manas OPD provides psychotherapeutic interventions for diagnosable mental illnesses and disorders at an individual level, and aids in individual problem alleviation, potential enhancement, relationship management, and career counseling.


Should I come for therapy?


Here at Manas, we believe that everyone can benefit from therapy at some point in their lives. Contrary to popular belief, one does not need to have reached a stage of desperation or meltdown to come to therapy. Therapy is also useful in dealing with daily stresses, issues and conflicts. Most importantly, though, therapy is a useful tool in maintaining ones mental health.


However, we recommend therapy for anyone dealing with any of the following issues.


  • Feeling sad, angry or just ‘not yourself’

  • Needing drugs, alcohol, food or sex to feel better and cope

  • Faced loss of someone or something important

  • Any traumatic incident

  • Loss of interest and/or motivation in things previously enjoyed.



What happens in therapy at Manas?


Manas Foundation also provides family therapy, which is usually applied in cases where conflicts arise within families due to unhealthy relationship or communication patterns. Family Therapy aims at empowering the individual and the family in intrapersonal and interpersonal interactions.

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Therapy at Manas
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