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Individual Counselling and Family Therapy

Manas psychologists work with individuals to address psycho-emotional issues arising in the context of family and relationships to co-create solutions. We aid individuals in utilising their intrapersonal and external resources to alleviate distress and create greater well-being through counseling and psychotherapy. At Manas, the psycho-social model of mental health therapy is practiced. This is distinct from the medical model in its use of the individual’s context, relationships, and access to justice in formulating the pathway of care.


Psychological problems are often categorized on the basis of severity as common mental disorders (CMDs) and severe mental illnesses (SMIs).

 For both SMIs and CMDs regular psychotherapeutic intervention is required (along with pharmacological therapy as applicable) to assist the restoration of normal functioning in individuals. Individual and family therapy is conducted with individuals presenting with psychological concerns

Individual management plans are prepared for clients based on assessed concerns and specific contextual elements. These ensure redressal of immediate concerns and crisis-intervention, followed by goal-setting towards the development and enhancement of coping skills. Ethical standards of psychotherapy are stringently maintained in the implementation of these plans.


Taking from the psycho-social model, psychological disorders and difficulties are often a function of familial and relational issues, and family therapy is practiced to address any concerns that may arise. Family therapy is usually applied in cases where conflicts arise within families due to unhealthy relationship or communication patterns. Family members are often included in the therapy process to assist in the recovery and rehabilitation of individual clients to psycho-educate individual clients’ family members and gain their support for an enabling environment at home. As a psychotherapeutic approach, family therapy includes family members and/or significant individuals to implement solutions for the well-being of the entire family. Family Therapy aims at empowering the individual and the family in self-determination, greater autonomy, positive reintegration into healthy patterns of living, and intrapersonal and interpersonal interactions.

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