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Services for MSM and Transgender Population

Here at Manas we provide community friendly services for Transgender and MSM population with respect to:

1. We have developed and designed a specialized manual catering to Mental Health needs of the Transgender, MSM and Higra Community

2. Therapeutic Interventions

3. Psychodiagnostic Evaluation as a part of requisites by the Govt Of India within the process of gender reassignment surgery for Transgender population

Gender Sensitisation Trainings
Therapy at Manas
Assessments at Manas
Mental Health Plugin - Community and Outreach
Mental Health Plugin - Educational Institutes
Gender Senstization Training Launch for Auto drivers in Ghaziabad, 2017
We are Hiring! (Psychologist)
Guidelines for Internship
Gender Senstization Training Launch for Taxi and Bus drivers in Noida, 2017
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