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Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal with the demands and challenges of everyday living. Life skills are individual skills/ abilities that each one of us possess and yet, need to enhance in order to meet the challenges of life.



Our Module:


We have come up with a module of 10 core life skills which are: Self Awareness, Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Effective Communication, Managing Conflict, Empathy, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Positive Attitude, and Understanding Emotions.


The skills are delivered in an interactive and experiential manner through a workshop module.


Objectives of the Workshops:


1)         To help the youth understand their special psychological and emotional needs and learn to express them. 

2)         To develop resilient personalities.

3)         To enhance communication and interpersonal skills.

4)         To aid in decision-making and assertiveness in everyday life.

5)         To do hand- holding and help in reaching out in times of stress and to thus prevent psychological distress and difficulties.


This module has been conducted across several schools in Delhi, Delhi University Colleges and over 15 youth based NGOs in Delhi NCR who are working for vocational skills and employ ability.  We have also incorporated the module within our interventions at our Mental Health Units across Homes by Delhi Govt. for homeless residents. For each time the workshops are conducted, the methodology is conceptualized and customized to fit the needs of our target audiences.

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