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Career planning and decisions are often confusing and stressful for adolescents and young adults. Young adults face immense pressure to develop plans on a structured timeline that allows for little variation or uncertainty. At Manas, we conduct career counseling with a positive psychological approach that engages with many issues. These issues include family/peer pressure, following the herd, foreclosure, unrealistic aspirations, evaluation apprehension, indecision, self-esteem and identity crisis. Dealing with these issues simplifies the decision-making process and career choices for young adults.


Manas uses a unique approach for career counseling where three key aspects related to career are assessed and used to help the young adult take appropriate career decisions. Our premise is that positive career choices are made when there is an alignment between these three aspects. The three aspects are individual’s interest areas, aptitudes, and integral personality characteristics.


Career counseling incorporates a considerable focus on self-awareness, like interests, abilities, traits and values to bridge gaps in these areas, and align expectations of the young adults and their families with achievable targets. This is carried out while maintaining a focus on the inherent positive potential of the individual. Guidance regarding information on specific professional options is also provided and young adults are made active managers in choosing suitable career paths, managing career transitions and balancing various life roles.


Manas provides career counseling services to both individuals as well as beneficiaries of partnering organizations. In the past, we have worked with Aga Khan Development Network and Vidya and Child, among other CSOs running community outreach programs. In community projects we focus on career counseling and future orientation for adolescents from disadvantaged backgrounds. Manas has compiled a manual for career counseling with techniques and best practices for running career counseling programs with disadvantaged groups. This manual includes modules for group sessions and workshops on themes relevant to adolescent and adult life.

Aga Khan Development Network: Career Counseling and Future Orientation

 In October 2013, Manas Foundation began a career counseling project in association with the vocational skills training programme initiated by the Aga Khan Developmental Network at NizamuddinBasti. The following is a summary of the ongoing programme in terms of its objectives, methodology, key achievements, and vision ahead.


The objectives of this career counseling project are as follows:

  •    To assist the students enrolled in the various vocational training courses in planning for their career
  •   To map the interests, aptitudes and career personalities of the students in order to enhance their level of self-awareness, as is essential for making informed career choices
  •    To monitor their progress and facilitate them as they begin on their career paths with their chosen professions

This initiative aims to help each student acquire a future orientation that allows them to plan for a meaningful and productive life ahead. This involves an exploration of their internal values, family dynamics, expectations and aspirations, along with helping them acquire insight into their interests and skill sets.

Career Guidance Program for vocational training of school dropout youth    (2008-11)

 In a Skill training programme for school dropout youth in Delhi NCR, a program supported by Sir Ratan Tata Trust, (SRTT), the gap areas in youth employability efforts were identified.  Youth and NGOs working with youth felt that critical issues obstructing the sustainability of training and employment programs were high dropout rates from school or vocational training, absenteeism, learning difficulties, poor transfer of learning to daily life, lack of perspective on future career paths, behavioral and conduct problems, low self-esteem, poor performance at vocational training, actual place of work/adjustment issues and very low confidence. Key action areas that emerged were to support children and youth with regular access to quality in-depth counseling, career counseling, need for an effective program in communications focusing at strengthening the use of English language, exposure to new work opportunities, training in certain prerequisites to augment work options and creative inputs into already existing courses. Manas developed a career guidance manual in partnership with Youth Reach foundation for an intervention with youth and adolescents who have either dropped out of school or have taken to vocational education in place of the regular school. This manual has been developed in consonance with the needs of this group and is implemented with over 6000 youth, where we provided career counseling to these youth directly.



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