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Mental Health Helpline

Increasingly stressful and anxiety provoking effects of modern day living have created an urgent need for assistance, guidance and patient listening to mental health concerns. While, we try to help as many people as we can, omnipresence is difficult to achieve with the small pool of trained task force available in mental health service delivery. Therefore, Manas started a mental health helpline focusing on the following three key areas:


1.     Immediate Psychological Support


 Psycho-education: The callers are sensitized about their current concerns and recommended adequate steps. Post the telephonic counseling, callers understand the normality of their concerns and are able to seek appropriate help

3.     Guidance and Reference: We provide guidance and references in a de-stigmatized and a sensitive environment to aid the caller.


Manas receives calls for multiple issues like anxiety, depression, anger management, OCD's, learning disability, fears and phobias, mood disorders, and marital conflicts. Apart from this, we also receive calls about caregivers concerns for people with mental health needs, career guidance, eating disorders, disruptive behaviours and impulse control. Other issues include conduct disorder, work life balance, substance abuse and addiction, and traumas.


For any assistance regarding your mental health concerns, please call us on our helpline number 01141708517 between 10 AM to 5 PM.

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