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Capacity Building Programs for Fellow NGOs and Setting Up In-house Counselling Centres

Manas not only generates demand for psychological services through its awareness building initiatives, but, also works at the supply end. The Capacity Building programme aims to build the psychosocial, especially counseling and career counseling, capacities of CSO personnel and mental health professionals. Manas prepares professionals and paraprofessionals to deal with their beneficiaries in a more scientific and effective manner through hands-on trainings and workshops.


On one hand, we work with CSO personnel,. On the other hand, we build capacities of mental health professionals who will extend mental health services outside of institutions to communities. Manas is also setting up counseling centres in each of the participant CSOs.


Few areas that are covered during these trainings are:

Ø  Basic Counseling Skills

Ø  Psychometric Assessment for Children and Adults

Ø  Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in Children

Ø  Career Counseling





As the stress, rage and intolerance levels of urban life climb up, it is imperative for CSOs to strengthen their institutional capacity to deal with, respond to, and resolve the psychological deprivations of their targeted communities. Manas’ Capacity Building programme will build and deepen counseling of CSO personnel who work on an everyday basis with marginalized population. These target groups may be street/runaway youth, school dropouts, unemployed youth, informal workers, victims of abuse, and pregnant women.


Manas works with partner CSOs to reach marginalized groups and enhance their individual and group capacities for:

a) Coping with stress, anxiety, trauma and hopelessness

b) Developing their own narratives around well-being, relationships, livelihoods and aspirations

c) Using mental health as a springboard to build positive identity, acceptance of self, stress management, creative goal setting, and problem-solving competencies that are key to leadership development.


We have trained staff and set up counselling centres for NGOs like Shine, Aman Biradari, Don Bosco, Samuel, Deepalaya, Navjyoti, National Association for the Blind and many more. Manas has trained over 500 staff members and done in-depth case management for more than 5000 beneficiaries.




ANKUR (2006)

Ankur was a capacity building programme for teachers, educators, and counselors on autism, psychosexual issues, emotional, and learning issues for children. As a discussion-based series this programme intended to generate ideas to deal with issues related to learning difficulties, their early identification, treatment of behavioral management and development problems.


The programme centered on the following topics:

Ø  Perceptual training

Ø  Cognitive training

Ø  Sensory Integration

Ø  Speech and Language development

Ø  Behavior Modification technique

Ø  Emotional and Anxiety Difficulties in children


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