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Gender Sensitisation Trainings

Delhi has seen increased incidents of violence against women in the last couple of years. Most of these events have transpired in every form of the massive public transport system. Be it buses, taxis or autos, every mode has been unsafe for women. In light of increasing concerns for safety, Manas developed a unique, behavior-change training module to engage men in transforming public transport into safe spaces for women. Manas has applied the principles of psychology to combat violence against women through one-of-its-kind intervention with drivers of public transport vehicles. This has made a big headway in violence against women in public transport in the past year.


Building Bonds for Gender Sensitization for auto drivers was launched in January 2014 and reached over 47,000 auto drivers in a period of one year. Since then, the training has expanded as a policy mandate for all commercial licence holders in Delhi, and also provides training to auto drivers in Noida. Till date, over 2.5 lakh commercial vehicle drivers have participated in the gender sensitivity trainings, and the program is still expanding.


In addition, Manas Foundation has set-up an Auto-Sahara Helpline to support the progress made during mandatory trainings. This helpline provides an opportunity for drivers to face challenges and difficulties in gender-specific situations. Manas also launched a Facebook page “Spot the Auto”, engaging public in supporting the behavior change of auto drivers.

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Impact of Psychological Principles at Training.

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Gender Sensitisation Trainings
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