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School and College based Mental Health Interventions

Manas Foundation has had the opportunity to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with Sanskriti School over the years. The relationship was initiated four years ago with one time interventions such as workshops with students and parents on issues of growing up. With the mission of the school stating that it endeavours to shape children into caring and responsible individuals as well as citizens, Sanskriti School has taken the initiative to seamlessly blend mental health into their everyday curriculum. Creating a composite mental health curriculum for the school, would aim at introducing mental health issues into the mainstream and help enhance the positive growth and development of the children. The individual effect on the children will manifest in the family and in the long run will hopefully permeate to the community at large. The overall goal is to introduce a comprehensive mental health curriculum at Sanskriti School and through implementation of the same introduce changes at the management and policy levels. To introduce changes at the management and policy level and to incorporate a comprehensive mental health curriculum within schools.


To implement a comprehensive mental health curriculum in Sanskriti school that demystifies and normalizes the issues surrounding ‘growing up’

To create ‘no-tolerance for bullying’ zones in school spaces

To promote overall well-being and personal growth through an understanding of the self, promote overall socio-emotional development of the children and improving teacher student relationships.


Preventive Work with School Students (2008)

Manas foundation in partnership with India Today Group had launched a preventive program on a large scale over 40 schools being covered on monthly bases in Delhi & NCR region. The focus of this contact program was to enhance the coping of youth to deal with emotional & behavioral difficulties.  We worked with over 5000 students from class 9th to 12th.  Our school initiative with Khemka foundation gave us an opportunity to address the concerns of over 900 students of schools in Delhi from 8th to 10th class. Emphasis of the intervention is to address the relevant areas of handling exam stress, peer pressure, effective study habits and reality orientation.

College-based Interventions:

One of our core target groups is youth and we are constantly making efforts to conceptualize newer ways to meet their mental health needs. Our most recent endeavor towards this objective has been an effort to provide them a range of critical mental health services by tying up with colleges to run effective mental health units within the campuses. Manas foundation has been successful in setting up a vibrant counseling practice at Dyal Singh and Jesus and Mary college. Our Psychologist visits the college once a week and the core focus is on meeting the psycho - social needs of the students. The beneficiaries seek individual sessions for a wide range of stressors that can be categorized under the themes of career issues, adjustment problems, relationship management, self issues, and grief counselling.. The mere absence of disease does not guarantee well being. Thus to promote higher levels of positivity we hold regular interactive talks with the students on various topics  some of them being basic guide to mental health, stress management, habits of happiness,  intrinsic motivation and steps to success. These talks become a space for students to open up about their own thoughts and world views and create a safe space for students to discuss their concerns. Apart from this we have recently launched a series of interactive workshops on important soft skills by imparting training in effective communication skills, Understanding Body Language, Presentation skills and enhancing Leadership skills. Till date we have managed to reach out to about 500 students and hope that in the future we will be able to plug in the mental health services to more colleges in Delhi.

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