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Sanskriti School

Manas Foundation, in partnership with Sanskriti School has taken the initiative to seamlessly blend mental health into their everyday curriculum for students of classes 6, 7 and 8. The children during this age are in their adolescence, and the curriculum targets issues of adolescence, a time period which is often filled with confusion and struggles for the children. In addition, it aims at mainstreaming mental health issues, thus reducing stigma and help promote positive growth and development of the children.


Some of the themes usually covered in the interactive workshops are:

·       Growing Up: Physical  and Emotional Development

·       Fitness & Body Image

·       Attraction and Relationships

·       Understanding Self & Individuality

·       Identity Formation

·       Gender and Sexuality

·       Abuse: physical and sexual

·       Strengths, weaknesses & Self Esteem

·       Sensitivity to Diversity

·       Anti-Bullying

·       Social Responsibility

·       Friendship

·       Adolescence and Temptation

·       Stress

·       Depression and anxiety

·       Career and decision making

·       Assertiveness

A larger goal of this plug-in is to discuss bullying with students, to increase their sensitivity towards to impact and consequences of their behaviour towards others. Keeping in line with this, Manas has created ‘no-tolerance for bullying’ zones in school spaces


Dyal Singh College

The youth of our country is highly susceptible to pressures and stress related to life changes because of their transition from childhood to adulthood. They face the challenges of this transitional age without understanding what this age or its implications mean. They are hard-pressed for social acceptance, and therefore find it difficult to accept themselves and what they want. General issues they face are related to changes in role within the family, career, relationship, identity and self-esteem. Non-addressal of these issues manifests in instances of anxiety, aggression, withdrawal from family and self-destructive behaviour.

Manas Foundation has been running a counselling practice at Dyal Singh College since April, 2014. Psychologist visits the college weekly to aid the students find solutions for their psychosocial needs. She provides individual sessions for a wide range of stressors and also helps the students and teachers understand the importance of preventive and positive mental healthcare in their lives.

Positive improvements in the students’ thinking processes has been recorded which reflects in their behaviour and habits, showing greater goal directedness and better relationships with family and others in their life.


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