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Mental Health Awareness Workshops

Collaboration with The Live Love Laugh Foundation

In light of the current state of Mental Health in our country and Deepika Padukone’s personal encounter with mental health concerns such as Depression and Anxiety, The Live Love Laugh Foundation was founded by Deepika Padukone to champion the cause of Mental Health in India. As it is based out of Delhi, TLLLF reached out to Manas Foundation, to be the partners running the program in Delhi NCR. Considering the common organizational goals and target populations, Manas Foundation has implemented the “You are not alone Students School program: a series of workshops for students and teachers”, across 120 schools located in Delhi NCR.

An Overview Of Workshops

The workshops are used as an interactive media to initiate a comprehensive discussion on Mental Health and related themes. The workshop utilizes videos, pictorial cues, interesting activities and student participation to encourage facilitation of psycho-educative discussions and contextualizing it to the lives of students and teachers.

Themes covered in the students workshops:

  • Mental health and its understanding

  • Common stressors in the lives of school students

  • Depression- symptoms, causes and management

  • Anxiety- symptoms, causes and management

  • Social media and mental health

  • Preventive mental health practices and help seeking behavior

  • Role of a therapist

  • Self harm and suicide

Themes covered in the teachers workshops:

The themes covered in the teachers workshops are parallel to themes covered in the students’ workshops but with a focus on how the teachers can redress these issues when observed among their students. A few additional themes covered in the teachers’ workshops are provided below.
  • Role of a teacher

  • Student mental health: Why we need to talk!

  • Mental health concerns among students

  • How teachers can help?

  • Suicide and Self Harm among students


Till date, almost 13,000 students and 4000 teachers have attended these workshops across 120 school in Delhi NCR.

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