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CBSE Guidelines for School Safety- NOTICE!

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The recent killing of 7 year old, Pradyuman Thakur, in the washroom of Ryan International School Gurgaon, has shocked the capital, and raised a climate of alarm regarding the security of children on school premises. As you may be aware, CBSE has issued a set of guidelines to be operationalized in the next two months towards ensuring the complete safety of children within schools. (

Manas Foundation is a registered trust working in the field of mental health since 2000. Today, we reach out to notify your school of the services we offer that form a part of the aforementioned CBSE mandate for schools.

As a core element of our organizational perspective, we have worked extensively on addressing and advocating for child protection and psychological well-being, aiming at ensuring the positive development of children in diverse settings.  Trained psychologists and clinical psychologists from our team design and implement evidence-based interventions that address the mental health needs of vulnerable groups, including children, across the lifespan. Over the course of our work, school students and teachers have comprised a large proportion of our outreach, through mental health workshops, trainings and campaigns we have conducted in partnership with over 200 schools in Delhi.

CBSE’s guidelines, as issued on 14th September 2017 are preventive measures to ensure that each school can be considered a safe and secure environment for children. We at Manas would like to extend an offer to partner with your school in implementing the following guidelines mandated by CBSE.

·       Psychometric Evaluation: The psychologists at Manas are trained to administer standardized psychometric tests that are designed to gain an understanding of aspects such as: personality factors, intellectual functioning, presence of psychological disorders/maladaptive tendencies, socio-emotional complexes, etc.

Manas has an RCI registration and 17 years of experience, assuring the credibility of the reports. We would be well-equipped to conduct the mandated evaluation of the teachers as well as the non-teaching staff of your school. 

·       Teachers’ Training on Child Protection, Sexual Abuse, the POCSO Act and the mental health needs of students: A core component of our work at Manas includes increasing mental health awareness in the school context, creating a cadre of professionals sensitized to children’s socio-emotional needs and concerns. These trainings also function to enhance vigilance around sexual abuse in the school context, along with providing strategies for prevention and redressal in instances of such violations.

Our trainings are interactive and activity-based, allowing the teachers and staff to experientially understand their role in creating an enabling environment within which students’ feel safe and cared for. 

·       Safety Audits of the School Premises: Safety in schools is a matter that relates with a physical as well as a psycho-social environment. The institutionalization certain facilities, such as counselling services,

regular group workshops with students, parents and teachers, as well as other structural elements would assist in creating an environment of safety at schools.

Manas Foundation has been undertaking workshops exploring age-relevant themes via interactive workshops incorporating anonymous disclosure, interpersonal activities, arts-based techniques and multi-media learning. Themes such as bullying, growing up, identity, self-esteem etc. allow for students to share their concerns in a sensitive environment, as well as for the school to be made aware of their needs and concerns. Manas also shares the workshop findings with teachers and relevant authorities, providing suggestions that would create a greater sense of well-being for students at schools.


To discuss the implementation of the above, or for other queries regarding the CBSE mandate, please contact us on the following:

o   e-mail address:

o   contact numbers:

       +919899803211 (Ujwalla Bhandari, Psychologist and Programme Manager)

       +919920766533 (Sneha Jain, Psychologist)

       +918802023901 (Manas Foundation Head Office)                  

As the managing trustee of this organization, Monica Kumar, recently has been constituted as a part of the Committee for School Safety convened by the Directorate of Education, in recognition of the work and vision of Manas Foundation in the area of child protection and well-being.

CBSE Guidelines for School Safety- NOTICE!
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CBSE Guidelines for School- NOTICE!
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