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Youth and Mental Health

Youth – least amount of complaints, but face a lot of challenging situation and are in a development stage, period of maximum turmoil, where maximum number of changes and decisions are happening – hence they need these services to develop in the best manner possible.

Our interventions are equally available for youth from all backgrounds. While we provide individual services to youth whose families can afford to support their development, we also work with partner organizations to support marginalized youth who may not have access to these services


Interventions focus on – potential realization, that would involve dealing with stress of growing up; resulting mental issues that arise – like smoking, drug abuse, depressed, anxious; career related information, hygiene related, and other information, peer and parental pressure .


Mind Map, a “Mental Health Program to Build Leadership & Employability for Disadvantaged Youth” was initiated by Manas Foundation in October 2009, with the support of Jamsetji Tata Trust. It’s a scaled up 3 year programme, that blends research, training, direct community services and advocacy to address the mental health needs of urban disadvantaged youth. It also analyzes key issues of urban youth from a psycho-social lens and enhances the capacities of community youth to map their inner worlds, understand and develop their own mental health, and connect emotionally with their own potential for leading social change.

Specific Objectives

I.          To build the psycho-social, especially counseling and career counseling capacities of CSO personnel who work with urban disadvantaged youth and to institutionalize the process of counseling by setting up counseling centers in each of the participant organization.

II.         Conducting innovative action researches, in partnership with young people, on the mental health landscape and the internal/self barriers to leadership building among the youth.

III.        To conduct active advocacy in the field of mental health for young adults through a publication

The Partner Organizations for the program that were selected were:

1.         Aman Biradari:

2.         Chetanalaya:

3.         Deepalaya:

4.         Don Bosco Technical Institute:

5.         Literacy India:

6.         Shanti Devi Charitable Trust:

7.         Shine Foundation:

8.         Udayan Care:

9.       Vidya and Child:

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